A well-established, highly respected tuition school offering a unique approach to student development

What is CET?

Community Education Trust (CET) School is a supplementary school operating in Reading on Saturday mornings in term time.


It was established in 2005 and since then has successfully provided high quality tuition, support and mentoring to over 1000 children.


CET is a registered charity and operates on a non-profit making basis and is run by a team of qualified teachers and volunteers.

Not just tuition - our focus is on holistic development and wellbeing of a child

What do we do?

The school is for children in Years 3 – 9  (aged 7 – 14)


We provide high quality teaching and development from qualified teachers focussing on two areas:


  • 11+ Grammar School Preparation for Key Stage 2: Yr 3 – 6

  • Maths and English tuition for Key Stage 3: Yr 7 – 9.  Focus on national curriculum subject skills and learning

Proven track record and expertise in 11+ exam preparation for over 13 years 

Grammar School preparation

11+ preparation has been a core offering of CET since the outset in 2005.  Since then many students have passed the entrance exams and gone on to study at Kendrick and Reading Boys School and achieve top results.


Our teaching and lessons provide the necessary structure, challenge and discipline required to achieve the high standard for passing the test and securing a place at Grammar schools.